IYN11 EP1 Teaser


Danville began building its flood control system in 1966, and it’s an effort that continues to this day. When -the Army Corps of Engineers wants to show its employees a food control system, it brings them to Danville. We’ll have more on its history, and all that the borough has to do to maintain it. Plus, it truly was a deed most foul…or was it? Decades later, questions still remain after a murder case in Montour County that led to its only two hangings. We’ll talk with a local author about it. Tune in Wednesday night for the premiere of the first episode of season 11 of In Your Neighborhood, exclusively on SECV8, channels 508 HD and 8 SD in the Sunbury area and 581 HD and 81 SD in the Hazleton area of the Service Electric Cablevision system!



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