IYN14 EP5 Teaser

If you have a creative side, then STEAM Innovation Labs has the space for you to tap into it. If it has to do with arts and crafts, technology, then STEAM has it. There is retail space out front, a common arts space, and then specific areas for woodworking, stained glass and photography, and they even have a Waser, a water cutter for glass and stone. We’ll tell you more about them. Plus, it is an iconic building in downtown Sunbury along route 61, mainly because of its green dome, but Sunbury’s Revitalization Inc. is hoping it will soon become know for its shows and performances, that could be an economic driver for the region. Tune in to find out more about the ambitious plans for this building Wednesday night at 6:30 and 9:30, right here on In Your Neighborhood, on SECV8, channel 508, exclusively on the Service Electric Cablevision system.


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