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Have you ever wondered why there is a Lower and Upper Market Street in Milton. Well, it’s because, at one time, there were two Miltons sitting right next to each other. Milton has been celebrating its bicentennial all year and will cap it all off during a big week from June 10th through the 17th with big events, including the first passenger train rides in the borough in 50 years and a big parade. Hamilton continues to be the talk of Broadway…and it’s also the focus of a local professor’s attention. Matt Rousu teaches economics at Susquehanna University…and starts his classes with a song that relates to the lesson that day. He also has a website called Broadway Economics dot com that has 50 songs on the great white way that deal with economic principles. Rousu and one of his grad students have written a paper on the number of economic principles addressed in Hamilton and he recently began work on a book on the connection between music and economics. You can hear more about show tunes, economics and the birth of Milton when you tune into In Your Neighborhood Wednesday night at 6:30 and 9:30, right here on SECV8, exclusively on Service Electric Cablevision.


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