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What has already been a good year for the Montour Area Recreation Commission will get even better in about a month. MARC found out last month that it’s getting $200,000 from the commonwealth to keep the Montour Preserve open even longer. And next month, The entire 6.2 miles of the North Branch Canal Trail will open to the public. Marc was able to take over operation and maintenance of the preserve through an agreement with Talen Energy. Now, they’re not only taking pavilion reservations and making sure you can use the lake and trails, but resuming programming that had been here when PPL ran the place. Stoudt tells us that he was out at the preserve every day over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and found hundreds of people using it. He also tells us that even though there is just a short stretch of the canal trail open, enough people are using it to kill the grass in some places.
For many, it is the best place to head to shoot trap. Sure, just as many travel to Ohio for a shoot there, but the Pennsylvania State Shoot near Elysburg in June is generally considered to be the largest in the country. Nearly 2,000 shooters took part in the event this year, turning the Valley Gun Club into a mini-city. The Pennsylvania State Sportsmen’s Association runs the shoot and starts getting ready for it in the spring. Bloomsburg University did a study last year and found the shoot brings in millions to the local economy.
You can see more about the shoot, including how i did on media day, along with MARC and the Montour Preserve on Wednesday, September 7th at 6:30 and 9:30.



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  1. I rode the NBCT again today with my lovely wife. What a great addition to Montour and Columbia Counties! This open space is historic, beautiful and will be a destination for many groups and individuals of varied interests. Great to see it getting done! Good job to all those involved!

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