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Resilite is one of the leading manufacturers of wrestling mats in the United States and has been located in this spot along Route 11 in Northumberland since 1963. Founder Warren Tischler took a prototype for a foam mat and developed what is called the “classic” mat, which revolutionized the wrestling mat industry. 70 employees now work here making the classic and liteweight mats along with 350 types of gymnastics and cheerleading products, and even the emerging market of ninja warrior practice products. It takes crews of 6 to 8 employees working on each phase of the process about three days to make a mat. Resilite is the supplier of mats for the PIAA State Wrestling Championship as well as all three divisions of the NCAA wrestling Championship.

Brent Kessler got his first magic set when he was six or seven and reached that point when he had to decide between college or making a career out of it. He chose a career and now does about 20 to 25 events a month…including at restaurants like Old Forge in Danville and at Bucknell University. Brent told us that when he was younger, he worked to be technically perfect in his close-up and stand-up acts, but as he has matured, he’s realized it’s more about the performance and connection with his audience.

You can see more of Resilite and Brent Kessler when you tune into In Your Neighborhood on Wednesday night at 6:30 and 9:30, right here on SECV8, exclusively on Service Electric Cablevision.



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