IYN8 EP2 Teaser

Most of us have only seen sword fighting on movies or TV, but a worldwide organization is bringing back this form of combat. There is a local chapter of the HEMA Alliance in Danville, and it holds lessons for people interested in wielding a sword. We stopped by to learn some of the moves.

It’s only been open a few months, and already The Scratching Post in Lewisburg is a big draw. You can pay 5 bucks to spend an hour with the cats here, or take out a membership. The idea is to take the adoption process from a cage setting to a more familiar and comfortable atmosphere where you can interact more with a potential member of your family.

You can see swords and cats in the next episode of In Your Neighborhood Wednesday night at 6:30 and 9:30 right here on SECV8, exclusively on Service Electric Cablevision.


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