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120 Christmas trees sit in the Caldwell Consistory in Bloomsburg each fall for the annual TreeFest that benefits the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. 20 local tree growers donate them to the event year and each has a sponsor. There are then 120 groups, organizations or businesses that decorate the tree with a specific theme. TreeFest opens on green Friday, what they might call the day after Thanksgiving here, and it runs for the next nine days. We’ll tell you more about it and what they do with the trees at the end. Plus, it’s an event that’s a little younger than TreeFest but has been one family’s undertaking for 24 years. The display near Shamokin just keeps growing and added a festival three years ago. You can find out more about these holiday happenings on In Your Neighborhood throughout the month of January on SECV8, Exclusively on Service Electric Cablevision channels 8 and 508 HD.


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