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The bee industry has been struggling to recover from colony collapse for over a decade now, and Hackenberg Apiaries in West Milton was the first to sound the alarm about this devastating issue for this essential part of our food chain. Davey Hackenberg believes that a change in chemicals in the past 15 years is causing bees to lose their memories so they can’t return to this hives. It’s also causing him to consider shifting more to honey-making from pollination.

Plus, it’s a hobby, and maybe even a part-time job that has been in Ross Smoker’s blood and family for decades, carving duck decoys. Smoker will actually carve anything with feathers but primarily makes ducks to use for hunting, or for shelves, and even enters them in contests.

We’ll tell you all about it tonight at 6:30 and 9:30, and also throughout the month of May right here on In Your Neighborhood on SECV8, exclusively on channels 8 and 508 HD of the Service Electric Cablevision system.


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