IYN9 EP4 Teaser

Mark Sullivan of Freeburg is a streaker. But not the kind you’re thinking of, he doesn’t run around naked. He does run, mind you, but usually is wearing a single and shorts or other comfortable clothes when he heads out for a run or competes in marathons which he has done 177 times, including 32 straight Boston Marathons and 25 straight Philly Marathons. That is another definition of a streaker, someone who runs a race every year. We’ll have more on Mark for you. Plus, some local fourth graders are learning a very valuable, interactive lesson. They are not only raising trout to release into a stream but also making sure the fish have the best possible water conditions. You can see these stories Wednesday night at 6:30 and 9:30 on In Your Neighborhood, right here on SECV8, exclusively on Service Electric Cablevision channels 8 and 508 HD.


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